16 Series

16 series consists of various projects and themes, based on the limitation of 1 photo per subject. Like on traditional film where the amount of exposures are limited, in this series I am trying to push myself by focusing on the subject without having the


​As a photographer I’m always on the move seeking for the perfect light, the beautiful landscape, the interesting face. Since I became a father I realized that a photo doesn’t need to come from...

A breath of routine

A glimpse of my life.

Let's pretend it’s windy out there.

Change the mood. Make it dark and windy. Photography can be deceiving but who cares the result is what really matters.

The Journey

Spending a fun day together. Concept based on the #followme project.

Family home

Home is where somebody notices when you are no longer there.

I Still Exist

A project for Orama Photography Studies.
Models: Galyna Koliada, Dimosthenis Maragos
Photographer: Antonios Chrysakis


Haunted by her past, a woman remembers the last time she was alone in an underground passageway.

Scary people

Full moon at the Athens observatory. Low shutter speed and spooky colors!

60s something...

Concept 'Women of the past'


A project photographing people living and/or working at the streets of Athens.

African immigrants in Athens

African immigrants living in the heart of Athens.