Hi! My name is Antonios Chrysakis and I am a street and documentary photographer based in Athens, Greece.

This website is my personal diary, a showcase of my work, thoughts and ideas about the art photography.

Photography for me, like for many others, is about creating your own reality, a way to express what cannot be expressed with words or actions. My motivation behind my pictures is to try to understand and explore the world better. I like the weird, the different and the beautiful and by photographing it I steal these little moments that make our lives better and print them on a piece of paper or in the case of this site, on a monitor.

JPG is seperated into 5 sections:

  1. Projects: These are long or short term projects that I try to work during the course of the year. They vary from street photography to fashion and conceptual photography.

  2. Travel & Events: Photos from various events and trips. Here you will see the occasional landscape and lots of photos from my beautiful family.

  3. Photography: Anything else that doesn't fit on the 2 other sections.

  4. Thoughts: My personal thoughts on photography, places, people.

  5. Photo a day: My daily snapshot fix. Landscapes, people, dogs, cats anything goes in here as long as my eye finds it interesting.

I hope you enjoy some of my photos and please feel free to say hi by emailing me at hi@jpg.gr.

I am also very active on my Facebook Page, Google+ and Twitter where I post daily photos and interesting articles I write or find about photography.