Athens Pride

I spent a lot of time thinking of how to approach a subject such as the gay community and their demand for family rights. My first thought was to write a few positive paragraphs listing the facts and objecting the racism and any kind of discrimination against people. Mix it up with some of my photos and call it a day.

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Photowalk Athens 2014

Last Sunday I took part in a photo walk in Athens. I really love it when a group of total strangers meet together and have so much fun just by sharing a common interest, in this case photography!

Many thanks to Georgios Tatakis for organizing the event.

If you wanna to take part in our next walk please join the Facebook group.

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Deceiving photography and social networks

A couple of weeks ago we had a conversation with some friends about today’s popular social networks and how they affect our mood.

To summarize, we all agreed, that in the world of InstaFacePlusTwit everybody is having a better time than you. That’s everybody and every time.

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