Athens Pride

I spent a lot of time thinking of how to approach a subject such as the gay community and their demand for family rights. My first thought was to write a few positive paragraphs listing the facts and objecting the racism and any kind of discrimination against people. Mix it up with some of my photos and call it a day.

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Photowalk Athens 2014

Last Sunday I took part in a photo walk in Athens. I really love it when a group of total strangers meet together and have so much fun just by sharing a common interest, in this case photography!

Many thanks to Georgios Tatakis for organizing the event.

If you wanna to take part in our next walk please join the Facebook group.

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Deceiving photography and social networks

A couple of weeks ago we had a conversation with some friends about today’s popular social networks and how they affect our mood.

To summarize, we all agreed, that in the world of InstaFacePlusTwit everybody is having a better time than you. That’s everybody and every time.

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Mines of Fokis

Vagonetto is a unique theme park, situated on the 51st km. of the Lamia-Amfissa National Road in Greece, between mountains Ghiona and Parnassos, within the broader area of S&B Industrial Minerals S.A. premises. Vagonetto aims at presenting the operation areas of a mine, but also at informing, recreating, and educating the new generations on the history of the exploitation of bauxite, and on the people who worked in mines, honoring and promoting the mining history of Fokis.

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Small port of St. Nicholas


Up until the 1960's the small port of Saint Nicholas was a very popular tourist resort among people living in the outskirts of Pireas. Visitors used to swim at the sea, fathers taught their children how to fish and celebrated many events like Kathari Deutera and Theofania.

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Istanbul has had a record growth in the last 5-10 years. You can see this in every corner of the tourist city. People are flooding the streets of Istikal avenue and the shops are always packed with tourists wiling to spend their liras in anything from a simple souvenir to an expensive digital gadget. But is this the real Istanbul or is it just an image, a cover to hide the life of the real people working hard to make ends meet? I am not so sure.

After spending 4 days photographing the streets of the city I have very mixed feelings. In this journal I will try to cover my impressions of the city in different areas, from lodging and people, to food and local stores. 4 days is definitely not long enough to cover or fully understand a culture, that's why this journal will remain a work in progress as I intend to visit the city again. So the trip begins...

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